New Song: 2 Chainz Featuring Pharrell Williams, 'Feds Watching'

2 Chainz shows off, even when the government is spying on him, on "Feds Watching."

2 Chainz teams up with Pharrell on his new track, "Feds Watching."

There are a few things we know about 2 Chainz: He's man of many names (2 Chainz, Tity Boi, Hair Weave Killa -- yes, these are all real aliases), he's been featured on pretty much every song recorded since 2012, and despite being monitored by government agents on his new track "Feds Watching" featuring Pharrell Williams, he's always gonna be draped head-to-toe in Givenchy. Cameras are constantly snapping (government OR paparazzi), so why wouldn't he dress up?! I mean, they won't catch anything on film but a Gucci rag! So please, click away.

Listen to 2 Chainz featuring Pharrell Williams' "Feds Watching" after the jump.

Produced by Pharrell, the track from 2 Chainz's upcoming second studio album is a defiant statement of his baller-ness: "Imma be fresh as hell if the feds watching." And if you ever had any doubts about the status of his bank account (which, uh, why would you?), he quickly puts those worries to rest: "Dreads hang on designer everything/ Mr. Comme des Garçons, Mr. Alexander Wang, Mr. Chain." And while he's at it, Chainz also speaks to his prowess at -- where else? -- the strip club: "It's that Category 5 when I walk up in the strip club/ Throw it high, make you and George Washington head butt."

OK, we'd never want to be in a Category 5 storm, but if it was anything like one of those money grab booths, then maybe we'd be game. Just hold on to your receipts in case the feds come a'calling, OK? Because that's not the sort of thing you wanna be scrambling for come tax time.

+ Listen to 2 Chainz featuring Pharrell Williams' "Feds Watching."

Photo credit: Def Jam