Star Spotting: This Katy Perry Photo Serves As Your Daily Reminder Of Her Flawless Beauty

Katy Perry is photographed looking flawless while on the set of "Kroll Show".

Please note that Katy Perry is STILL a perfect human being.

There are two things you should probably add to your daily beauty routine: a multivitamin and a picture of Katy Perry looking effortlessly lovely. You could also use the above photo as inspiration to research whatever hair conditioner and facial product Katy's using to get that shimmery natural glow. Lastly, one could also use this image as a reminder to hit up the gym, because Katy is looking BEYOND FIT. Basically, this photo is a reminder that WE WANT TO BE KATY PERRY WHEN WE GROW UP.

The "Teenage Dream" singer was snapped leaving a trailer in Los Angeles while getting ready to guest on the comedy skit series "Kroll Show." We know what you're thinking: "Wait, there's NOTHING funny about how stunning Katy looks right now (unlike her appearances on "Raising Hope" or "The Ellen DeGeneres Show")." And you'd be 100 percent right! But the joke really is on us, because while Katy Perry is having fun and looking GORG with comedians like Amy Poehler and Laura Dern, we're over here all sad and ugly-crying because this means we'll have to wait even longer for some new Katy music. Seriously, we can't decide whether we should get on our knees and BEG Katy to get back in the studio, or just bow down to her for being our always-beautiful queen. Either way, we're probably going to end up on the floor.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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