Watch Hunter Hayes Hit The Race Track In His Latest 'For The Love Of Music' Webisode, And Check Out His 2013 CMT Awards Performance Tonight At 8 p.m. ET! (VIDEO)

Hunter Hayes drove really expensive cars in his latest "For The Love Of Music" webisode.

Hunter Hayes loves music, but he loves cars ALMOST as much. Almost. 

Sup, #Hayniacs! So, usually we're here to bring you crucial music-related deets on your king, Hunter Hayes. You know, like, news that "Wanted" singer is going out on his "Let's Be Crazy Tour" tour with supporting act Ashley Monroe, the fact that he's slated to perform at the 2013 CMT Music Awards tonight in Nashville (starting at 8 p.m. ET), AND the info that he's up for for three awards, including Video of the Year! But no, shockingly this post isn't about how Hunter is slaying the country music game dead. Instead it's about how in his latest "For The Love Of Music" webisode, we learn that if the music thing doesn't work out (what are the odds, though?), bro could totally be a badass race car driver! Like, who knew??

Watch Hunter Hayes' latest "For The Love Of Music" webisode after the jump.

So, here's how everything went down: On a day off from dominating life, the "I Want Crazy" singer and his pals hit up a professional race track where they learned about boy things everything from cars (an Aston Martin, a Mercedes Benz SLS, and a Ferrari to be exact!) to how to drive them...VERY VERY FAST. And sure, we should probably mention a few terms like "lap speed" and "horsepower," but really all we wanna talk about is how adorable Hunter looks in a helmet. Because we have a feeling that if anything happened to Hunter during his afternoon of badassery, about 98,000 infuriated Hayniacs would storm the joint in protest. Good call all around, team!

Watch Hunter Hayes' latest "For The Love Of Music" webisode.

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