New Video: Jimmy Eat World, 'I Will Steal You Back'

Watch Jimmy Eat World's "I Will Steal You Back" video.

Jimmy Eat World hit the road in their new "I Want You Back" video.

It's been almost 20 years since the release of Jimmy Eat World's self-titled debut. That's a lot of time to develop changes in sound, musical style, and world outlook, and roughly about 10,000 internet arguments over whether or not the genre forerunners still qualify, or ever did, as "emo." (And those are just the ones we've participated in ourselves.) Whatever you want to call it, some things never change, as the band's upcoming eighth album, Damage, and its first video, "I Will Steal You Back," deftly illustrate.

Watch Jimmy Eat World's "I Will Steal You Back" video after the jump.

The album, which you can stream here, mostly eschews the power-chord, arena-ready bombast of some of Jimmy Eat World's bigger crossover hits, with an abundance of acoustic guitars, and, as in "I Will Steal You Back," a style and tone that wouldn't seem out of place on pop-country radio. (Granted, it would be the coolest song on pop-country radio in years, but still.)

"How slowly we built up walls/ the years they pile on," Jim Adkins sings in his iconic, heavy-hearted timbre over a collection of scenes from the road: live dates, toughing it out in the tour van, and so on. "It's funny how the smallest lie might live a million times/ I will steal you back."

Adkins' lyrical turn points out how, even in the throws of dreaded maturity, there's always room for a broken heart. In fact, Adkins recently told Rolling Stone that Damage was his "attempt at making an adult breakup record."

"The consequences to what the characters are going through are more significant. There's just more to it. I'm 37 and the world around me is a lot different than when I was writing breakup songs in my 20s. I tried to reflect that in what the lyrics are."

Grab Jimmy Eat World's eighth studio album, Damage, when it streets June 11.

+ Watch Jimmy Eat World's "I Will Steal You Back" video.

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