AWOLNATION’s child protagonist is definitely NOT ALL RIGHT in this new lyric video.

It’s been a second since we’ve heard from MTV PUSH alums AWOLNATION, but look! The bros are back! Fronted by Aaron Bruno (formerly of Under The Influence Of Giants and Home Town Hero), AWOLNATION has just released a brand-new lyric video, “THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT,” which is slated to appear on the “Injustice: Gods Among Us” video game soundtrack. And yes, we know that must make you think: “Video game soundtrack? Nerd alert!” But don’t worry — “THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT,” a heady mix of badass rock and blues (think: The Black Keys), is a track that even the least video game-inclined fan can enjoy.

Watch AWOLNATION’s “THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT” lyric video after the jump.

Unlike most lyric videos, AWOLNATION’s is more like an actual music video, plot and all. The clip is set at a kid’s backyard birthday party, and just when you think it’s all cake and smiles, you realize that the birthday boy is, well, “not all right.” Like, he’s A LOT MAD AT THE WORLD. Not only does he spend the afternoon going HAM on a piñata, but he lights the birthday clown on fire with a birthday cake candle!! It’s basically like “The Shining” with a kid in a cowboy costume… which actually makes the whole thing THAT MUCH CREEPIER. Yeah, it may be time to get a child psychologist on the line… just sayin’.


Photo credit: Red Bull Records