Watch OK Go Perform 'All Is Not Lost' In 223 Takes For NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series (VIDEO)

OK Go help NPR's "All Songs Considered" move while performing a song.

OK Go help NPR move by singing "All Is Not Lost."

Anyone who's seen one of OK Go's increasingly inventive videos ("Here It Goes Again," "This Too Shall Pass") knows that aside from having a knack for a pop-rock hook, the band is also willing to go the extra mile when it comes to filming a fun visual stunt. In the case of this clip, which they put together with NPR's "All Songs Considered" host Bob Boilen for his Tiny Desk concert series, those extra miles were literal... as in actually helping NPR move offices. But instead of strapping on a back support and lugging boxes, all the boys had to do was sing "All Is Not Lost."

Watch OK Go perform 'All Is Not Lost' while helping NPR move after the jump.

In the midst of moving their offices from one part of Washington, D.C., to another, Boilen and company had OK Go start playing at their old office, and continue playing while all of the furniture and office equipment was loaded onto a truck, which they also played on, before arriving in time to play the song, yet again, in the new offices. (The band filmed this stunning clip in 223 takes, BTW.) Read more about everything that went into the playful, fun performance here, including how many hard boiled eggs were consumed during the filming. (That might sound gross, but let's be serious -- even though OK Go TECHNICALLY didn't do much heavy lifting, 223 takes of the same song has got to be intense. Like, extra protein/eggs-all-day intense.)

+ Watch OK Go perform 'All Is Not Lost' while helping NPR move.

Photo credit: NPR