New Video: Joey Bada$$ And Pro Era 'Like Water' (NSFW)

Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era pay tribute to their fallen brother, Capital Steez, in their new video, "Like Water"

Joey and Pro Era pay tribute to Capital Steez in their new "Like Water" video.

This should have been the best year of Joey Bada$$' life. To date, he's worked with the likes of Big K.R.I.T., DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Q-Tip; he was named one of MTV's Artists To Watch in 2013; and he's gearing up to release his first full-length album, B4.Da.$$. But some of that joy was taken away when his dear friend and fellow Pro Era member Capital Steez took his own life last December. Wanting to honor him, the New York crew finally put their feelings into visuals with the new video, "Like Water," from their PEEP The aPROcalypse mixtape.

Watch Joey Bada$$ featuring Pro Era's "Like Water" video after the jump.

In the Jonah Schwartz-directed clip, we hear the late Capital Steez's verse while the rest of the Pro Era crew walk around their beloved Brooklyn. But something's different: Many of the borough's buildings and landmarks (Barclays Center, for example) look uncharacteristically tarnished and rundown -- a fitting metaphor for Pro Era remaining strong after losing a valuable crew member. After ruminating ("We lifted/ You dreamt it"), Joey & Co. finally figure out a way to rebuild their city by (spray)painting a beautiful mural in honor of their lost friend. Check out Pro Era's tribute to Capital Steez below.

+ Watch Joey Bada$$ featuring Pro Era's "Like Water" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Pro Era