Beyonce Is Sipping Wine On Jay-Z's Lap -- Guess That Means She's Not Pregnant? (PHOTO)

Beyonce is drinking wine on Jay-Z's lap.

Beyoncé sips wine on Jay-Z's lap, which probably means she's NOT pregnant.

OK, so, we've been obsessing for literally WEEKS over whether or not Beyoncé is in fact pregnant with her second Carter child. You remember when all that uterine ruckus began, right? Like, when she had to cancel a tour date in Antwerp, Belgium, "on doctor's orders"? AND that her Met Gala dress had kind of a pregnant vibe? Ah, memories. Well, since then, Beyonce's been slowly shutting down the rumor mill, first with a strongly worded Instagram, and now with this nicely subtle photo of her drinking wine on Jay-Z's lap. OK, y'all, case closed! We can all go back to looking at cat GIFs now!

Posting her relaxed-looking hoodie 'n' wine photo to Tumblr, Beyoncé looks the very picture of NOT PREGNANT while lovingly sitting on Jay-Z's lap in Europe (probably taking a much-needed "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" break). And while we can't confirm that the "Bow Down" singer is knowingly dispelling those pesky pregnancy rumors, we DO have a sneaking suspicion that SHE TOTALLY IS. Because you know Beyoncé doesn't do anything on social media without a clear, distinct purpose. She is definitely NOT the "accidentally post my denim thong to Instagram" type. Unlike some other pop stars (HI, RIHANNA) we know. Drink up, B!

Photo credit: Beyonce's Tumblr