Go Behind The Scenes Of Paramore's 'Still Into You' Video Shoot!

Go behind the scenes of Paramore's "Still Into You" video shoot!

When we first saw Paramore's Hayley Williams cavorting with ballet dancers in the band's "Still Into You" video, you can imagine (a) how great it made us feel and (b) how many times we watched it on repeat. (We definitely crashed our browser a few times.) And now, after wondering just how the band managed to bike ride indoors without falling down and what it must've been like to canoe in a sea of balloons, we have all the answers we'll ever need with this brand-new behind-the-scenes clip from the "Still Into You" video shoot.

Watch Paramore behind the scenes of their "Still Into You" video shoot after the jump.

Shooting at the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs in Austin, Texas, the band spoke about director Isaac Rentz's concept for the video. "Isaac really wanted to portray what love feels like, instead of what it looks like. 'Cause everyone has seen the music video with the guy and the girl and they kiss," Hayley Williams said. OHHHH, so now all the balloons and fireworks and ballerinas make a lot more sense.

Hayley also went on to talk about how she and her bandmates were worried at first that the pop-driven song may not go over well with staunch Paramore fans. We totally get that, but clearly they didn't need to worry -- just look at how many Paramore Stan knew all the words to "Still Into You" at the band's "Live From MTV" performance!

+ Watch Paramore behind the scenes of their "Still Into You" video shoot.


Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen