New Video: Katy B, 'What Love Is Made Of'

Katy B revs up on the track, in more ways than one, in her new video "What Love Is Made Of."

Katy B revs up in her new "What Love Is Made Of" video.

Katy B blew us away earlier this month with her scorching potential song-of-summer, "What Love Is Made Of." Now, in her video for the single, Katy's taking inspiration from the movies, or, more specifically, the "Fast And Furious" franchise. Bet you can see where this one's going, right? Yep, Katy not only gets involved in the world of underground of street racing, but she falls hard for a new and potentially dangerous love interest. Back away slowly, girl... this might not end well.

Watch Katy B's "What Love Is Made Of" video after the jump.

In the Emil Nava-directed clip, the "Aaliyah" singer shacks up with her BF as he works on his car to get things just right for an upcoming race. Looking worried about her boy, Katy pensively rides with his crew to the meetup. Once they arrive, Katy sings and scowls over the hot house/alt-disco beat and surveys all sorts of tricked-out rides with lights, glitter (yes, glitter), and custom paint jobs. Now, granted: We haven't been to too many illegal street races/drifting competitions, buuuut if Katy B were guaranteed to perform at one, we'd be there in a heartbeat! Also, we could maybe meet a Vin Diesel look-alike there and ask him to sing Rihanna's "Stay"! We're sure that would go over perfectly!

+ Watch Katy B's "What Love Is Made Of" video.

Photo credit: Rinse/Columbia