Star Spotting: Backstreet Boys Are Holding Panda Bears. REPEAT: Backstreet Boys WITH PANDA BEARS (PHOTO)

The Backstreet Boys got to hold pandas during their tour stopover in China, and it's the best thing we've seen in a long time.

Backstreet Boys and pandas = OMG X2,500,000.

We'll be honest and admit that our hearts swell approximately two sizes any time we see the Backstreet Boys together. We hoped and prayed for a reunion for YEARS, and now, our dreams have finally come true with the bros setting out on their 20-year reunion tour. REJOICE!! That in mind, we're positive that the only other thing in this world that could thrill us more than getting to see the boys perform "I Want It That Way" LIVE (all-white-everything ensembles INCLUDED) is the above photo of BSB holding PANDAS!

During their tour stopover in China, the bros paid a visit to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Institute in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. And because simply looking at the most adorable creatures in the animal kingdom wasn't enough, the boys got to hold, bond, cuddle, and chill with pandas themselves. Honestly, the guys look SO at home with their bears! Like, completely chillin' as if these panda babes are just one of the bros. Also: Please look at Kevin Richardson for a minute. HE'S HOLDING THE DAMN PANDA'S HAND! Can you?? Because WE CAN'T!!

Photo credit: Getty Images