New Video: The Knocks Featuring St. Lucia, 'Modern Hearts'

Watch The Knocks' "Modern Hearts" video.

The Knocks and St. Lucia forgo subtlety in their steamy new "Modern Hearts" video.

Does this sound familiar? You're singing in your room, emoting the HELL out of a tune, when a less-than-pleased parental figure/neighbor knocks on the door to tell you to shert erp. Perhaps not the proudest of moments (also: #buzzkill), but this is exactly how electronic duo The Knocks got their name. OK, the NYC-based DJs were actually concocting EDM hits while we were the ones butchering the final bridge of "Defying Gravity," but they've nonetheless come a long way from battling disgruntled neighbors: The Knocks' newest single, "Modern Hearts," recently reached No. 1 on HypeMachine, and their hot and steamy new video for the track has us working up a sweat.

Watch The Knocks featuring St.Lucia's "Modern Hearts" video after the jump.

Directed by Taylor Ward, The Knocks' clip speaks to both ideas of "modern" and "hearts," as it follows a young, hip dude searching for his equally hip lady friend in a stolen Range Rover. Once united, the pair cruise through NYC to the sound of The Knocks' majestic synth beats and St. Lucia's atmospheric vocals, until they eventually park the Rover at an *ahem* more private garage-type destination. And at this point, letmejusttellyou, things really heat up. It's all very, erm, existential? But, gosh darn it, modern hearts do as modern hearts will!

Stay tuned for The Knocks' full-length debut, and keep up to date with their live shows here!

+ Watch The Knocks featuring St. Lucia's video for "Modern Hearts" video.

Photo credit: A&M/Octone Records