New Song: Josh Baze, 'Blurred Lines (Remix)' (NSFW)

Josh Baze throws an intro verse into his "Blurred Lines (Remix)" and it's awesome

Josh Baze puts his own spin on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

If you weren't already aware, our obsession with Robin ThickeT.I., and Pharrell Williams' SICK jam "Blurred Lines" runs DEEP. Like, on-repeat-24/7, know-all-the-words, may or may-not-be-working-on-re-creating-the-video-just-for-fun deep. (And no, not the naked NSFW video! Minds out of the gutter, y'all.) So, when we snagged an exclusive first listen to Buzz On alum Josh Baze's "Blurred Lines" remix, we were all like, "YES!" followed by a "SIGN US UP!"

Listen to Josh Baze's "Blurred Lines (Remix)" after the jump.

The "She's Goldrapper set his opening remix to Robin Thicke's infectious, funk-driven "Blurred Lines" track. With a blazing hot new intro verse, he casually spits about how awesome it is to have a totally dope chick by his side. "Got a bad chick/ You damn right/ I'm gonna brag," he rhymes. #AWW. Um, just to set the record straight, does that same bragging leniency count if you were to, say, date US, Josh? Because on the off-chance that happens, we'd want everyone to know about it! Hope that's cool? Great, it's settled.

Listen to Josh Baze's "Blurred Lines (Remix)" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Josh Baze