Watch The So So Glos Perform 'Lost Weekend' And 'Wrecking Ball' At MTV's Artist To Watch 'Live In NYC' (VIDEOS)

  Watch The So So Glos' raucous set from their MTV "Artist To Watch" show.

DIY punk rockers The So So Glos have carved a name for themselves by, well, doing it themselves. The Brooklyn-based band, comprising brothers Alex and Ryan Levine, Matt Elkin, and Zach Staggers opened their own very own venue, Shea Stadium, in 2009, to serve as an underground sanctuary for Brooklyn's many indie acts. Named for their beloved Mets, Shea Stadium is a testament to the NYC baseball team's underdog spirit, and it was there that The So So Glos cultivated their sound and built their fanbase. Now, four years later, the O Music Award-nominated band has released their second album, Blowout, and recently played The Studio At Webster Hall for MTV Hive's "Artist To Watch Live," where they reeled off killer tracks like "Lost Weekend," "Wrecking Ball," "Xanax," and more. Watch "Lost Weekend" and "Wrecking Ball" below, and check out The So So Glos' "Artist To Watch" performance in its entirety at MTV Hive.

Watch The So So Glos perform "Lost Weekend" and "Wrecking Ball" from their MTV Artist To Watch "Live In NYC" concert after the jump.

+ Watch The So So Glos perform "Lost Weekend."

+ Watch The So So Glos perform "Wrecking Ball."

Photo credit: Lauren Weissler