Watch For The Foxes’ ‘Son Of A Gun’ Lyric Video

We are LOVING the floral motif in For The Foxes’ “Son Of A Gun” lyric video.

New Jersey natives For the Foxes have been quietly slaying the pop rock game for a minute. We were all about the boys’ Revolution EP and their sugary pop jam “We’re Coming Up,” and now the bros from the Dirty Jerz (we’re sure that joke gets old really fast) are back with the lyric video for their brand-new single, “Son Of A Gun.”

Watch For The Foxes’ “Son Of A Gun” lyric video after the jump.

In classic lyric video form, “Son Of A Gun” features, well, the song’s lyrics, plastered in simple block lettering. But it’s not just any block letters — these are floral-themed! So, when the hot pop rockers sing things like “And I’m a tricky tricky tricky tricky/Son of a gun/ But we’re young yeah/ I’m pretty sure I’ll get you dancing,” you’re simultaneously thinking about floral wallpaper! You know, the kind in your 89-year-old grandmother’s kitchen. In Florida. Probably somewhere near The Keys.

Will this floral motif make a cameo in “Son Of A Gun”’s official music video? Not sure (though we wouldn’t be mad at it), but you really gotta love when rockers stay in touch with their feminine side.

Watch For The Foxes’ “Son Of A Gun” lyric video.

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