New Song: Simple Plan Featuring MKTO, 'Summer Paradise'

Listen to Simple Plan's new "Summer Paradise" track featuring MKTO.

Simple Plan get an assist from MKTO on their latest version of "Summer Paradise."

Most bands release a song once, and then call it a day. But not Simple Plan, the Canadian pop-punk veterans who... Wait, that sounds a little weird now that we write it. Veterans? Is "I'm Just A Kid" really more than 10 years old now? Yikes. Anyway, as we were saying... the Canadian pop-punk veterans, who just re-released the fourth version of their breezy, beach-pop track "Summer Paradise." Only this time around, the band tapped pop/hip-hop duo MKTO to throw down a brand-new guest verse.

Listen to Simple Plan's "Summer Paradise" featuring MKTO after the jump.

Previous versions of the song, originally released in 2012 to some impressive chart positioning around the world (2.5 million copies sold, Top 10 in 15 countries), featured K'naan, Taka of One OK Rock, or Seal Paul. This update maintains the reggae-influenced island bounce of the acoustic track, and it sounds like, well, just what the title says: summer paradise. It's not all sand and surf for the band, who we last saw traveling to Vietnam to raise awareness about human trafficking, although they certainly do a good job of relaxing when they need to, as last year's "Summer Paradise" video illustrated very well.

"Tell me how to get back to, back to summer paradise with you," Pierre Bouvier sings. "And I'll be there in a heartbeat." Seriously. And don't forget to CC us on that invite, because it's pretty much the opposite of paradise in the city this week, and we could use a vacation.

+ Listen to Simple Plan's "Summer Paradise" featuring MKTO.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records