New Video: Madcon Featuring Kelly Rowland, 'One Life'


Madcon teams up with Kelly Rowland in their new "One Life" video.

We'll just come right out and say it: Kelly Rowland is having a MO-MENT right now! First, she busts out her emotional and totally revealing "Dirty Laundry," then she releases "You've Changed," a song featuring her Destiny's Child cohorts, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams, and now, Kel is back AGAIN to guest on Norwegian hip-hop duo Madcon's "One Life" video.

Watch Madcon's "One Life" video featuring Kelly Rowland after the jump.

In the Ray Kay-directed video, Kelly and Madcon have a club-worthy dance-off on a particularly well-lit set. Kelly looks bangin' (per usual) and Madcon's Yosef Wolde-Mariam and Tshawe Baqwa look SUPER psyched to have Kel in their video. Set to a basic dance track, "One Life" has some serious "seize the day!" lyrics: "I gotta realize we only have one life/ We only have one life/ We're gonna make it/ We gotta make it work." Needless to say, we totally agree with them. Carpe diem! But then again, anything with Kelly Rowland in it works, amirite?

+ Watch Madcon's "One Life" video featuring Kelly Rowland.

Photo credit: Sony Music/Epic