New Song: Kelly Rowland Featuring Beyonce + Michelle Williams, 'You've Changed'

Listen to Kelly Rowland's "You've Changed."

Kelly Rowland teams up with Beyoncé and Michelle Williams on her new single, "You've Changed." 

Just so y'all know, THIS IS NOT A NEW DESTINY'S CHILD SONG. That's right: Kelly Rowland's latest jam, "You've Changed" featuring Beyoncé and Michelle Williams, might seem confusing at first, since, well, all three members of Destiny's Child are singing -- but NAY! This is a Kelly Rowland song, featuring her former Destiny's Child besties. IT'S A BOLD MOVE, and we love it!

Listen to Kelly Rowland's "You've Changed" featuring Beyoncé and Michelle Williams after the jump.

Slated to appear on her upcoming upcoming LP, Talk a Good Game, "You've Changed" seems like the next step on Kelly Rowland's path toward empowerment. First, Kelly released the revealing and poignant "Dirty Laundry," and now she's taking the spotlight back from Beyoncé her Destiny's Child sisters as "You've Changed"'s featured vocalist.

Produced by Harmony Samuels, "You've Changed" is a lush, classical R&B-tinged, radio-ready track about a dude who -- surprise, surprise -- takes his lady for granted. Kelly takes the first verse, while Beyoncé, a bit more reserved than usual, commands the second: "I know you hate to see this look/ On my face/ I'm sure that you can see real clear/ A little lying goes a long way." OK, we know we told you not to compare this song to anything Destiny's Child-related, but a tiny part of us kiiind of wants to throw this in the same bag as "Nuclear." Thankfully, "You've Changed" is just SO much better. Welcome back(ish), ladies!

Listen to Kelly Rowland's "You've Changed" featuring Beyoncé and Michelle Williams.

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