Star Spotting: Blonde Rihanna Piles On The Bracelets, Believes More Is More (PHOTO)

Rihanna wears a bunch of accessories, including a lot of bracelets, in her latest Instagram photo.

Just TRY to count Rihanna's accessories. We dare you.

First, let's be real -- Rihanna's "more is more" philosophy isn't really news to us! The girl HAS been known to play dress-up. For example, she took the day off to lounge while pretending to be Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, spent the day pretending to be a professional lap dancer, wore multiple Chanel pins with a backwards cap just because she could, and, of course, THE DENIM THONG! (Actually, said thong might be more of a "less is more" statement.) That said, it is our professional opinion that the above photo of Rihanna is in fact the BEST "more is more" Rihanna moment of her life!!

The "Stay" singer posted the photo on Instagram along with the caption "#sophisticated," to which we say "#PERFECT." And by "sophisticated," Ri clearly means draped in five bracelets, two rings, one necklace, and one scarf-turned-oversize-headband to be exact! Not to mention the longest nails of all time and a fierce red lip! So, if "more is more" means adorning yourself with sparkles and gold, then sign us UP. (Sadly, our "jewelry" collection is more Forever 21, less Chanel, but it'll do!)

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram