New Song: MGK Featuring Pusha T And Meek Mill, ‘Peso’ (NSFW)

MGK is after the dollars in his new song, “Peso,” featuring Pusha T and Meek Mill.

When MGK says he needs the dollars, we believe him. Dude did have to make grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron at one point in his career! So when he rhymes about getting paper on his new song, “Peso,” featuring Pusha T and Meek Mill (from his forthcoming Black Flag mixtape), we DEF buy his hunger. Though we must warn you, MGK, the exchange rate for pesos is way less than American dollars, so you’re gonna need, like, A TON more than you probably anticipated.

Listen to MGK featuring Pusha T and Meek Mill’s “Peso” after the jump.

Not to be confused with A$AP Rocky’s similarly titled jam, MGK rapsĀ on the Burd & Keyz-produced track about his necessity for currency atop an Aloe BlaccI Need A Dollar“-sampling beat. “I be going hard for them pesos/ Came from bottom made a milli/ Squad move when I say so/ Gotta bring a dollar to the city,” the Woodie Of The Year winner rhymes.

Later, Kellz is joined by Pusha T, who spits about how stinking rich he is: “Jetski and I’m jetlagged/ Still smelling like jet fuel.” YUCK (but in a good way). Finally, Meek Mill echoes the rappers’ hustle and boasts about how he gets money even when catching a nap: “I’m getting paid when I wake up cuz/ I hustle hard before I go to sleep/ And now I got my cake up/ I’m balling hard like I’m suppose to be.”

OK, Pusha, MGK, and Meek — we believe that with your powers combined, you ARE worth the GDP of a small country. So to detract from our first thought, MGK, we kinda doubt you need to worry about being frugal anymore.

+Listen to MGK featuring Pusha T and Meek Mill’s “Peso” (NSFW).

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