Star Spotting: Mariah Carey Snuggles With A Bunch Of Puppies, Because It's Mariah Carey And SHE WOULD (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey has a puppy sleep over and cuddles with so many cute little pooches!

Mariah Carey's downtime involves snuggling with adorbz puppies. Jealous?

Mariah Carey makes us think that we've been living life all wrong. While we're over here working a 9 to 5 and waiting in super-long coffee lines, Mariah's hectic life involves re-creating fairy-tale moments at Disneyland AND snuggling in bed with a bunch of adorbz puppies!! What kind of karma deposit did Mariah have to make to do stuff like this!?! Doesn't Mariah know that the above photo of her puppy sleepover is our dream realized!? WE WANT PUPPY CUDDLES TOO!

The "#Beautiful" singer shared her puppypalooza photo on Instagram along with the caption "Vocal rest continues with Dem Puppies!!!" How is Mariah able to stay on vocal rest with all those cute little dogs around? Personally, we can't stop loudly "awww"-ing (and weirdly petting the screen). We're also wondering if these little doggies could one day make it onstage with Mariah and Jill. E. Bean? Hey, this could become Mariah's thing -- she could manage a pop star puppy group! It would be kinda like if "101 Dalmatians" became a band! OMG. SO CUTE, RIGHT!?! (OK, we're gonna stop now because we reallly can't afford to lose any more friends over these kinds of ideas. Dialing it back now.)

Photo credit: @mariahcarey