Star Spotting: Hayley Williams Nonchalantly Picks Justin Timberlake's Nose (PHOTO)

Hayley Williams picks Justin Timberlake's nose.

Oh, just an average day in Hayley Williams' life: picking Justin Timberlake's nose.

Have you ever wondered what an average day of being in Paramore would feel like? No, really, have you ever just sat back and wondered what an enormous superstar like Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams does on a regular basis? Because one MIGHT assume it's stuff like taking baths with caviar and flying in Swarovski-encrusted PJs -- essentially getting to do whatever the eff you want, right? Well, the "whatever the eff you want" part was dead on... we just didn't think Hayley's activity of choice would be "picking" (a poster of) Justin Timberlake's nose! But now that we know, we say: HECK YEAH!

Part of their "A Day In The Life" feature on, the "Still Into You" singer posted a photo of herself casually clearing out Justin's bat in the cave on Paramore's Instagram. So, mixed in with photos of the band being totally badass and playing sold-out shows are SUPER GEMS like this one. Whatever, we say you do you. Also, we're sure Justin really appreciates the help! NOTHING is worse than when someone doesn't tell you when you have something in your nose!

Photo credit: @Paramore