Video Premiere: Dan Black Featuring Kelis, ‘Hearts’

Dan Black spends 24 hours on a rooftop in his “Hearts” video.

First of all, not being obsessed with Dan Black is a huge life mistake. Just saying. In case you’re not all up on the Dan Black situation, Black is an electro-pop artist known for tracks like “Alone” and “Symphonies,” the latter of which not only earned him a 2010 MTV VMA nomination, but also bravely sampled the one and only “Umbrella.” Do we even have to tell you who that’s by? (OK, fine, Rihanna.) Nowadays, Mr. Black is back with his brand-new video, “Hearts,” which is slated to appear on his still-untitled album due later this year. Oh, and did we mention it features the queen of the yard, KELIS?? (No milk shakes, though.)

Watch Dan Black’s “Hearts” video featuring Kelis.

Shot over 24 hours, Dan’s “Human Time Lapse” video features him chanting his pop/dance anthem alone on a roof. Over the course of the day, Dan gets a visit from a couple giant plush stuffed animals, some dope purple chairs, and, of course, Kelis (YES!!!), who appears via blank poster and a few handheld photos. Once nighttime falls, Dan plops right down to take a rest on the roof, while casually leaning against an old-school TV that just so happens to be playing the 24/7-Kelis channel! It’s all waayyyyy too cool for school, but we mean that in the way that makes us jealous, not scared.

Watch Dan Black’s “Hearts” video featuring Kelis.

Photo credit: Ultra Records