Star Spotting: Someone Photoshopped Justin Bieber Holding A Young Miley Cyrus, And We're Officially Uncomfortable (PHOTO)

Someone photoshopped a photo of Justin Bieber holding a little Miley Cyrus.

 Behold: Justin Bieber is holding a young Miley Cyrus. Our brains can't handle this!

We have such a tormented relationship with Photoshop. One second we're all, "PUH-RAISE this program's ability to erase the dark circles under our eyes for a profile pic!" But then we're all, "This software ALLOWED an image of Justin Bieber holding a young Miley Cyrus to exist?!" We're not just being dramatic; the picture is really weird -- mostly because it defies the time continuum! (*Pushes up glasses*) In current time, aka 2013, Justin is 19 and Miley is 20 -- they're practically the same age. Therefore, this could never happen!!! Our minds CANNOT AND WILL NOT PROCESS THIS MAYHEM!

Miley shared the photo on Twitter, and captioned, "Ok my fans are getting WAY to[o] good at photoshop. Wtf is @justinbieber holding me as a baby!!!!!! BahahhHahajjaha." While we entirely agree that someone out there has some major cut/paste/blending skills, we're mostly loving how roll-with-the-punches cool Miley's being (whereas we'd probably attempt an internet restraining order)! But maybe we're looking at this whole photo thing all wrong. Maybe this Photoshopped creation is a masterpiece! Actually, if someone could make this pic into a GIF (pronounced JIF, mind you. Or is it?!?) of the teeny Miley rolling her eyes at Justin Bieber at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, then we'll really show some mad props.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus