Selena Gomez Makes The Most Hilarious Face Ever On A Fan's Phone (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez makes a funny face for a fan while in London.

Selena Gomez makes a goofy face for a fan!

We can only begin to imagine the pressure Selena Gomez is under to take flawless photos all the time (not that she really has to try, or anything). There are probably moments when she's like, "EFF IT! I'm gonna make a DERP face because I AM SELENA GOMEZ and can do whatever I want. BYE." Case in point: Check out the above photo of Selena making a goofy face into a fan's phone camera! Also, please note that even when Selena makes a hilarious face, she STILL looks like the spokesperson for perfection.

The "Come & Get It" singer was snapped making a funny face while hanging out in London for an interview with BBC Radio 1. And while we're reallly hoping that this lucky Selenator made the photo her screen saver, we're mostly giving Selena an A+ for re-creating Taylor Swift's grossed-out expression toward her bestie kissing Justin Bieber backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards! So maybe Selena's face was a secret shout-out to Taylor? OR, maybe Selena had a morning bagel poppy seed stuck in her teeth and was staring into phone's camera to fish it out? Hey, we've all SO been there.

Photo credit: WENN