New Song: Kat Dahlia, 'Fireman'

Listen to Kat Dahlia's "Fireman."

Kat Dahlia likes her "Fireman" BLAZING HOT.

If we've learned anything about 22-year-old Miami native Kat Dahlia, it's that she simply WILL NOT tolerate scrubs, douches, mean guys, and/or lowly "Gangstas" of any kind. (#Props) Nowadays, Kat's back with a brand-new track, "Fireman," a Cuban and reggae-influenced banger that's scheduled to appear on her upcoming debut, My Garden, dropping this September.

Listen to Kat Dahlia's "Fireman" after the jump.

Set to a sparse beat courtesy of Cinematic, and imitating the same bass-tone sing-speaky vocals we heard in "Gangsta," "Fireman" features Kat spitting about a dude who is so hot, he's quite literally about to burst into flames: "But I can't stop looking at his body/ Baby he is hotter than wasabi/ Whoa how he seduces with his flame/And his eyes are looking mighty naughty." OK, we just ate sushi the other day, and we know that "hotter than wasabi" is, like, WHOA HOT. I mean, can anyone even eat wasabi alone? As a solo condiment? We always have to mix that ish with soy sauce.

Listen to Kat Dahlia's "Fireman."

Photo credit: Vested In Culture/Epic Records