New Video: She & Him, 'I Could've Been Your Girl'


Zooey Deschanel achieves new levels of adorkable in She & Him's "I Could've Been Your Girl" video.

Zooey Deschanel, unabashed Quirky Girl, and one-half of the M. Ward-backed retro-folk outfit She & Him, may have grown her bangs out a bit in her band's new "I Could've Been Your Girl" video (the latest single from the duo's Volume 3), but we're pleased to report that despite almost 10 years' worth of cutesy dresses, brightly colored flats, and "gee-whiz"-style sexless witticisms, we are NOT SICK OF HER YET.

Watch She & Him's "I Could've Been Your Girl" video after the jump.

Directed by Zooey herself, "I Could've Been Your Girl" has the adorkable poster girl utilizing every manic pixie move in the handbook as she tries and fails to get M. Ward's attention in a restaurant. (M. Ward also may or may not be made of stone. That, or he just hasn't had his caffeine yet.) Grooving with a vibrantly colored team of backup dancers (no doubt plucked straight from the "American Bandstand" set), the "Don't Look Back" singer visually illustrates the emotional tailspin of "I love him, but he doesn't know I exist..." as only Zooey Deschanel could. Well, at least now we know what to do the next time we see a cute guy on the subway. This TOTALLY beats writing a Missed Connection.

+ Watch She & Him's "I Could've Been Your Girl" video.

Photo credit: Merge Records