New Video: T.I. Featuring Lil Wayne, 'Wit Me' (NSFW)

T.I. and Lil Wayne evade the authorites in a supercharged getaway in Tip's latest video for "Wit Me"

T.I. and Lil Wayne evade the authorities in Tip's "Wit Me" video.

T.I. might be more on his family hustle these days than his... how should we say, not exactly legal hustle, but sometimes old habits die hard -- especially when you hang out with old friends like Lil Wayne. For his new "Wit Me" video, Tip hangs up his "Blurred Lines" tux and instead opts for the fast life of supercharged foreign cars, impossibly beautiful women, and evading the authorities in sunny Miami. It's almost like a hip-hop version of Michael Bay's "Pain And Gain"! (But a little less roided out.)

Watch T.I. featuring Lil Wayne's "Wit Me" after the jump.

In the Phillyflyboy-directed clip, Weezy and T.I. leave their estate in expensive sports cars, ride up the South Florida highway, and rhyme about how unstoppable they are. But little do they know, they're being surveilled by government agents! Don't you hate it when that happens?!

As night falls, Tip takes his speedboat (which is filled with bikini-clad girls, natch) home for a late-night party, but the cops are still on his tail. Seriously, who would've guessed that a surprisingly mild-mannered father could so easily morph into a wanted man? If we were T.I., we'd totally trade in speedboat and car chases for bathrobes, slippers, and hot breakfasts. Maybe read the paper. Dad stuff. Almost in time for Father's Day!

+ Watch T.I. featuring Lil Wayne's "Wit Me" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Grand Hustle

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