PHOTOS: People At Hangout Fest Who REALLY Love America

Hangout Fest go-ers come to Gulf Shores, Ala., for acts as diverse as dance music kingpins Afrojack and Bassnectar, Southern rock legends of old — Tom Petty — and new — Kings Of Leon — and hip-hop heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore. The three-day festival of live music attracts sun-hungry concertgoers from all across America… And speaking of America, if there’s been one overarching dress code note that many Hangout Festers clearly got, it was this: Wear your American pride, wear it often, and wear it well. Because for every guy in flip-flops, every girl in a florescent bikini top, and for every dude in cargo shorts or Spin Doctors/ velvet Cat In The Hat hat, there were throngs of people in American-flag-themed anything and everything close behind. American flag bikinis, board shorts, backpacks, hats, American flag things I couldn’t identify (seriously, one dude was wearing an American flag… mini wind sock?), American flag… apparel of all stripes… er… and stars! And why not? We’re on one of the best beaches in America with some of the biggest names in American music — Stevie Wonder, The Roots, and, again, Tom Petty. Dude’s so quintessentially American that he might as well be on our dollar bill.

So take a look at some of Hangout Fest’s proudest, most patriotically dressed music — and America — lovers. They’re the most unmistakably American, and for that, we salute them.

Check out photos of more people at Hangout Fest who REALLY love America after the jump!

Photo credit: Tamar Anitai/ MTV

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