Watch Diddy's 'Scenes' From His 'Role' On 'Downton Abbey' (NSFW) (VIDEO)

Diddy joins the cast of "Downton Abbey" for Funny Or Die.

Diddy "joins" the cast of "Downton Abbey" for Funny Or Die.

Earlier this month, "Downton Abbey," the beloved U.K. soap about the lives of the most lovable and emotionally screwed up early 20th century aristocrats ever, announced that they had cast the first black actor, Gary Carr, to appear on the historical drama. Naturally, the announcement catalyzed a flurry of speculation about the role; the only thing we knew for sure is that Gary's character would be a "charming and charismatic" jazz player named Jack Ross. But just when we thought we knew everything about "Downton" Season 4, yesterday on Twitter, Diddy announced that there'd been a slight change of plans. (And that he's a closet "Downton" freak.)

Uh, did we read that correctly?!? We haven't been this psyched for a PBS program since "Sesame Street"!

Watch Diddy's scenes from his "role" on "Downton Abbey" after the jump.

Seemed like a huge joke at first, right? Hey, maybe it's not so hard to believe! The rapper and producer has been dipping his toes into the drama world over the last few years, including a pretty memorable turn in "Get Him To The Greek," so why not him?

Well, turns out Diddy's rumored "Downton" role WAS just a prank, but the results were almost as wacky as an actual role on the show would've been. The tweet from the Bad Boy president lead us to his new Funny Or Die video, where he reveals that he's been on the show the entire time. Watch scenes below where Lord Wilcock, the new owner of Downton Abbey (or "whatever the eff it's called"), gets entangled in the estate's drama, including an emotional interaction with Thomas the scheming footman. Wilcock eats some fancy cake, plays cricket, and shills for his very own Ciroc vodka. And OK, we know it's a joke, but can we really get him on the show?!?! Adding Diddy to anything basically guarantees elegance, so putting him on "Downton Abbey" would be elegance out the wazoo! Or, a classier way of saying that.

+ Watch Diddy's scenes from his "role" on "Downton Abbey" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Funny Or Die