Please Enjoy 10 Photos Of Hangout Music Festival Performer Macklemore Wearing Tank Tops

That Macklemore sure does love his tank tops!

It’s no secret that we love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us,” but do you know what we love even MORE? We can’t get enough of Macklemore’s ever-expanding closet of TANK TOPS! That’s right: He’s got ’em in black, he’s got ’em in white, he’s got them sports-themed, and he wears them in summer AND in winter. You just can’t deny that Macklemore loooves showing off his fitness regimen, and will always have two tickets to the only gun show we’d ever want to attend. So, please take this opportunity to check out 10 photos of Macklemore in tank tops, don’t miss Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Hangout Music Festival performance, streaming live right here, and check back all weekend for on-the-ground coverage of Hangout Fest!

Check out more photos of Macklemore in tank tops after the jump!

Macklemore shows his Celtics pride… on a tank top.

I believe I can fly…

“Same Love” 4 Ever.


Photo credit: @macklemore/Getty Images

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