New Song: Gilbere Forte Featuring Active Child, 'Nolita' (NSFW)

Listen to Gilbere Forte "Nolita" featuring Active Child.

Buzz On alum Gilbere Forté is back with the Active Child-assisted "Nolita."

Don't say we didn't warn you that "Buzz On" alum and Philly rapper Gilbere Forté was headed for a Kanye-style career trajectory. (Just look to his collabs with Pusha T, Tyga, and Big K.R.I.T, as well as his recent sign to Epic Records!) And not to toot our own horn (or Gilbere's), but this kid is WELL on his way to fulfilling that Kanye prophecy (and general hip-hop game domination) with his latest track: the grimy, atmospheric, and RAAK-produced "Nolita," with supporting vocals from indie gloom masters Active Child.

Listen to Gilbere Forté's "Nolita" featuring Active Child after the jump. 

Slated to appear on Gilbere's "PRAY" project (which drops today!), "Nolita" features Gilbere spitting rhymes over a #dark track, paradoxically bolstered by Active Child's gospel-tinged vocals. Active Child's booming harmonies open the track, but as they die down, Gilbere shows up to spit about a evil woman who played with and destroyed his heart: "I was your experiment, but I died, you kicked dirt on my grave." OK, question: Who ARE these insane ladies cheating on these mega-talented rappers? (Yep, we're looking at you, lady who inspired Kanye West's "Heartless"!) Big mistake. HUGE! Catastrophic, even. Whatever, we say channel that pain like Adele, bb! Channel that ish aaaaalllll the way to 90 million Grammys.

Listen to Gilbere Forté's "Nolita" featuring Active Child (NSFW).

Photo credit: Epic Records/Anigma