Watch Justin Bieber Serenade His Mom For Mother's Day! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber serenades his mom for Mother's Day.

Aaaand the "Best Son Ever" award goes to Justin Bieber!

What did you get your mom for Mother's day? Chocolates? Flowers? A prepaid paraffin mani-pedi? Yeah, well, ZERO OF THOSE THINGS compare to what Justin Bieber gave his mama, Pattie Mallette, for Mother's Day. Justin could have gotten his mom jewelry, an expensive vacation, or her very own private jet, but nope -- instead Justin publicly serenaded his mom onstage during his "Believe" tour stopover in Johannesburg, South Africa! WE CAN'T. And fine, Pattie may have been the second lady Justin serenaded in South Africa, but this time there were FLOWERS!!!

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Here's how this epic Mother's Day gift went down: While Justin took the stage to sing his old-school smash "One Less Lonely Girl," two dancers ran offstage, grabbed Pattie, and practically dragged walked her onstage. Then, Justin sat Pattie down, handed her a bouquet of roses, and publicly serenaded her! Oh, AND HUGGED HER. And as if that wasn't enough, Justin also proudly proclaimed, "I love you, Mom." After the show, JB tweeted, "I love my momma. Great night tonight." It's all so perfect and makes us feel REALLY mushy-gushy inside, but it also kinda makes us feel sad that we didn't do more for our mom. OK, you know what? We take that back. That paraffin manicure was NOT cheap.

+ Watch Justin Bieber serenade his mom for Mother's Day.  

Photo credit: @JustinBieber