Zayn Malik Has To Tie His Own Shoes, Which Is Kinda Unfair! (PHOTO)

Zayne Malik laces up his own shoes.

Aw, we know. Lacing up shoes takes time, Zayn Malik!

We like to imagine that when you're in a famous boy band like One Direction, you don't have to do ANYTHING besides sing and sit around looking handsome (#dreamjob). But we were so off. Even when you're a big deal like Zayn Malik, apparently you still have to do normal people things -- like tie your own shoes! Come on! The guy is famous enough to get his own effing Madame Tussauds wax figure, but he can't get someone on payroll to take care of such a mundane task? Actually, here's an idea: Zayn should just hire us to tie his shoes FOR him! He wouldn't even have to pay us -- he could just wink at us every so often. We'll call it even.

The "My Heart Will Go On" singer shared the photo on One Direction's Facebook and captioned, "The guys are off for a few days before their next Europe date. Best things to do on a day off?! (We're thinking nothing ((or listening to 1D)) is probably the answer) 1DHQ x." OK, we don't get it. Shouldn't a guy with epic musical talent and his own 3-D movie do more exciting things on a day off like flying his personal jet to some remote island, partying on a yacht, or exploring the many wings of his huge mansion? Like, ANY OTHER THING THAN TYING HIS OWN SHOES?!

Photo credit: One Direction's Facebook