Katy B, Diana Vickers, Say Lou Lou + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week"!

This week's roundup features an early '90s throwback from a U.K. disco-pop princess, a sparkling comeback from an "X Factor U.K." alum, and some melancholy moodiness from a Swedish-Australian sister act. Read on!

This week's roundup features an early '90s throwback from a U.K. disco-pop princess, a sparkling comeback from a "X Factor U.K." alum, and more in 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week.

1.) Katy B, "What Love Is Made Of"

Jessie Ware kept us disco dancing with her fabulously lush "Imagine It Was Us" last month, and now she's passed the mirrorball baton over to U.K. garage/alt-disco princess Katy B to keep the party grooving into the summer. "What Love Is Made Of" is Katy's brand-new single, which premiered on BBC radio last week, and it's a pure burst of early '90s house euphoria. "Let me see/ Give it to me," she commands above the almighty throwback synthesizers. One of the songs of the summer? No doubt.


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2.) Diana Vickers, "Cinderella"

After charming us to death with her delightful surprise of a solo record in 2010, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree, "X Factor U.K." alum Diana Vickers is back this year with a comeback of fairytale proportions. "Cinderella" is a sparkling, swooning synth-pop production which sees the quirky songstress deliriously giddy in love, twirling 'round thunderbolts and butterflies (just go with it): "Because for you/ I would lose both, both of my shoes" she coos. It's as whimsical as a girlish Taylor Swift love story with a soundscape as danceable and dreamy as any of Robyn's synth-pop vibrations. Cute overload!


3.) Say Lou Lou featuring Chet Faker, "Fool of Me"

Say Lou Lou got us buzzing last month with their phenomenal "Julian," and as it turns out, the B-side to their single is just as gorgeous. "Fool of Me" sees the Swedish-Australian sister act getting bitterly pensive across a spooky, atmospheric beat. "You made a fool of me/ how funny," they dreamily deadpan above a vintage vinyl crinkle and a slow-ticking metronome. Crooner Chet Faker comes in later to provide an equally devastating vocal performance, as the song builds to an angst-filled breakdown of crashing proportions. It's absolutely stunning, but clearly, it's no laughing matter.


4.) Javier Dunn, "Couple Of Drinks"

Javier Dunn is a newer face on the indie-pop scene, having just released the debut single from his forthcoming album, Trails. "Couple Of Drinks" is a solid blend of electro-tinged melancholy of Death Cab for Cutie, and a little bit of the late-night desolate production of The Weeknd, as the singer pours his woes into a few glasses. "Couple of drinks/ starting to think that I'm in love with you," he sadly croons. Not since Heidi Montag's "One More Drink" has a song about beer goggles been so evocative.


5.) Kid Astray, "The Mess"

What's better than one Scandinavian musician? Six, obvs! Kid Astray is a burgeoning six-piece indie-pop troupe hailing from Oslo, and they've just put out their debut single -- the playfully titled "The Mess." Even though it was reportedly recorded in just six hours, the mile-a-minute track (clocking in at just 2:26!) plays like a song crafted by any of the top pop producers in the game. It's a solid slice of summery indie pop, full of breezy melodies, throwback synthesizers, and scorching guitar riffs, vaguely conjuring shades of Two Door Cinema Club, The Beach Boys, and Cut Copy. Keep a close eye on these kids!


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