Star Spotting: Macklemore Takes An Epic Bathtime Selfie (PHOTO)

Wanna see Macklemore in the bathtub? Now's your chance.

Hop in the tub with Macklemore!

We've seen a LOT of celebrity selfies lately. For example, we've seen Miley Cyrus' Google+ hangout selfie with, we've seen Rihanna's crotch-grab selfie, Jared Leto's "contemplative" selfie, and finally, there was Niall Horan's car selfie with a sleeping, drooling friend in the backseat. But never in our extensive history of celebrity selfie documentation has there been one as bold, proud, and perfectly curated as Macklemore's "here's my bathtime face!!!" Instagram selfie. Making history here, people!

This also isn't Macklemore's first time at the selfie rodeo. Just last month, the Branching Out Woodie winner took a confident selfie before performing "Can't Hold Us" at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. And yes, while we do sometimes appreciate a traditional approach, NOTHING compares to Macklemore's latest "I'm in the bathtub, and I wanna show the world my well-defined collarbone" selfie. Along with the photo, Macklemore provided a perfect caption: "This one of them 'wassup girl, I'm listening to the Aladdin soundtrack, I'm in a bathtub & I didn't bring my swimming suit' selfies." Yeah, so, Macklemore, would it be entirely inappropriate of us to ask to join you? Maybe for a rousing rendition of "A Whole New World?" You take Aladdin's part and we'll sing Jasmine's? (Yep, that's probably WAY inappropriate -- our apologies.)

Photo credit: @Macklemore