New Video: Kendrick Lamar, ‘B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe’ (NSFW)

Kendrick Lamar buries the past in his new “B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe” video.

Even in Kendrick Lamar’s brief time in the spotlight, he’s managed to grab us with his unbeatable lyrics and rhyming ability, and meticulously planned videos like “Poetic Justice” (no wonder Lady Gaga wanted to work with him). Now, in his new “B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe” video, K-Dot’s attending a funeral with family and friends… but there’s a little more than meets the eye.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s “B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe” video after the jump.

Opening in a church, “B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe” features the Hottest MC In The Game paying his respects at a funeral. At first, the white-clad attendees (including Juicy J, fellow Black Hippy crew member Schoolboy Q, and comedian Mike Epps as a preacher) look pretty somber, but once they leave the ceremony, people can’t wait to celebrate. (Dang, was this person that bad?) As Kendrick & Co. pop champagne and party down in a limo, the funeral procession arrives at the burial site, where you’d think they’d lock it up and wear their serious faces. But nope, the party just keeps on going — next to the coffin and all.

Again, why would anyone celebrate at a funeral? Fortunately, there’s a powerful message at the video’s conclusion. Without giving it all away (’cause you’ll definitely want to watch this one till the end), we’ll just say that Kendrick’s taking a bold stance against an infamous street drug, and with a symbolic clip like this, he’s bound to get the hip-hop community’s attention.

+ Watch Kendrick Lamar’s “B**** Don’t Kill My Vibe” video (NSFW).

Photo credit: UMG