New Video: Har Mar Superstar, 'Lady, You Shot Me'

Watch Har Mar Superstar's "Lady, You Shot Me" video.

Har Mar Superstar gets soulful in his "Lady, You Shot Me" video.

Considering the source, the often ironic Sean Tillman, aka Har Mar Superstar, we're not sure whether or not to take this video for his obsession-worthy song "Lady, You Shot Me" at face value or not. We suppose it's technically possible to be heart-on-sleeve and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. Call it tongue-on-sleeve, maybe? (No, that's gross, don't call it that.)

Watch Har Mar Superstar's "Lady, You Shot Me" video after the jump.

Any questions about the intent behind the song, which is the first single and video from Har Mar's recently released Bye Bye 17 on Cult Records, immediately fall away after one listen. It's an immediately engaging and charismatically delivered throwback soul track, replete with a buoyant horn section that offers a counterpoint to the background vocals sighing in lovelorn sympathy. Tillman appears onstage with two gorgeous backup singers and band in the red light-splashed performance clip, doing his best James Brown garment-removal choreography. "Now I lay bleeding, oh your love I'm needing. What else can I do now, you were untrue," he wails, in one of the song's many varied sections, from slowed-down and pleading to rousing and dance-worthy. Is it a sincere declaration of love, or a "sincere declaration of love"? Hard to say, but anyone who's felt this way IRL will have a hard time not treating it as the latter.

+ Watch Har Mar Superstar's "Lady, You Shot Me" video.

Photo credit: Cult Records