Listen To A Preview Of Beyonce's 'Rise Up' From The 'Epic' Movie Soundtrack

Listen to a preview of Beyonce's "Rise Up."

Listen to a preview of Beyoncés "Rise Up" from the "Epic" movie soundtrack.

Beyoncé is officially making the movie soundtrack rounds! Actually, she's only on two soundtracks, but that's kind of a lot considering that, well, it's Beyoncé, and girlfriend has a full-time job of wearing rhinestone nipples on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. But you know Beyoncé -- she's not about to settle for just one job. Because not only did Bey find a minute to cover Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" for the Great Gatsby soundtrack, but now she's released a preview of "Rise Up," a brand-new track from the upcoming film "Epic."

Listen to a preview of Beyoncé's "Rise Up" from the Epic movie soundtrack after the jump.

Written by Sia and featuring production from Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe, the mid-tempo anthem features Beyoncé's thick vocals in beautifully layered harmonies as they chant the record's lyrics: "Take it from me/ Stand and be proud.../ Fight for you and me/ Look into my eyes and believe/ We're the ones who will fight/ We will fight and together; we'll rise." BOOM, BOW DOWN! And that's not all Bey's contributing to "Epic": The Pepsi lover will also voice the role of Queen Tara in the animated film!

Now, we generally have a "no animated movies in our lives" rule, but if Beyoncé's starring in it AND has a song on the soundtrack, then we're DEFINITELY marking "Epic" on our calendar as a must-see.

+ Listen to a preview of Beyoncé's "Rise Up" from the "Epic" movie soundtrack.

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