Nicki Minaj Looks Unusually Cheerful On The Cover Of Teen Vogue (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj is on the June/July cover of Teen Vogue.

Nicki Minaj looks a little TOO happy on the June/July cover of Teen Vogue.

You and I both know that Nicki Minaj isn't exactly the most cheerful girl in town. For one thing, she's got a vaguely AGGRO alter ego named "Roman," she's perfected the art of the eye roll, and let's not forget that pesky feud with her "American Idol" co-judge Mariah Carey. But maybe that's all behind her? Because not only has Nicki swapped her go-to revealing ensembles for literally the girliest/sparkliest/pinkest dress of all time, but the "High School" singer is ALL SMILES (we can practically count all of her teeth) on the June/July cover of Teen Vogue.

Inside the issue, Nicki touches on everything from her childhood ("Every time my parents fought, my mother would have us move and I would have to go to a new school, which meant I'd have to face the task of making new friends") to her stance in the music business, to her opinion on social media: "I used to read the bad things people said about me. Then I asked myself, 'Why am I reading that when I have millions of people saying great things?' You cannot give negativity power." YEAH, GIRL! Now, let's apply that attitude to "American Idol" so you can stay on a while longer, yes?

Photo credit: Teen Vogue

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