New Video: Solange, 'Locked In Closets'

Watch Solange's "Locked In Closets" mini-video.

Solange goes on a super-stylish tour of Brooklyn in her new "Locked In Closets" mini-video.

Here's how we imagine a friend-date with alt-R&B singer Solange would go: First, we'd get brunch at some Brooklyn bohemerie (new word!), then we'd color-coordinate our outfits to our surroundings, pick out some flowers and go record shopping, THEN we'd get haircuts and go dancing. Well, even if our Brooklyn friend-date with Solange only exists in our minds, we CAN enhance the fantasy with Solange's new "Locked In Closets" mini-video.

Watch Solange's "Locked In Closets" video after the jump.

The latest cut from Solange's True EP, and a product of a partnership with Refinery29 and Absolut Tune, the Alan Del Rio Ortiz-directed clip features the sartorial superwoman out for an aesthetically pleasing day on the town. Set to a harmonized minor-key melody, "Locked In Closets" has the "Losing You" singer traipsing (and sometimes bike riding) around Brooklyn. There she poses seductively on the street with balloons, stands in front of an all-pink brownstone in an all-pink outfit, visits a record store, hangs out with some unnaturally attractive friends, creates IRL photo collages (none of this Pintrest stuff!), and caps her day off with an all-night dance party. Solange, there's no other way to put this: We want/need/crave your life (and your closet). Simple as that.

+ Watch Solange's "Locked In Closets" video.

Photo credit: Terrible Records/Refinery29/Absolut Tune

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