Song Premiere: Citizen, 'The Summer'

Citizen get lost on their new single, "The Summer" from their forthcoming album, "Youth."

Citizen describe losing someone important in their new single, "The Summer."

Just when we were getting used to the idea of a new wave of bands reaching back to the glory days (aka the bummer days) of vintage emo, we're already jumping ahead to the brand-new days (or Brand New days, we should say). It's getting kind of hard to keep track of where we are in time lately; sometimes it feels like we're in a music-themed episode of "Lost." ("We have to go back!!")

Speaking of being lost, it's a feeling that the boys of Michigan's Citizen sound like they're familiar with on "The Summer," the first song off their upcoming album, Youth, on Run For Cover Records.

Listen to Citizen's "The Summer" after the jump.

Citizen, who will be on the road for Vans Warped Tour all summer, recently released a split with Turnover, another like-minded act who we fell hard for a few weeks back. And if those tracks didn't solidify their emo cred, their cover of The Smiths' "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" sealed the deal.

For Youth, Citizen's debut full-length, they went into the studio with Will Yip, who's helmed records for everyone from mainstream acts like Lauryn Hill and Keane to genre compatriots (and our current favorites) Daylight, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, and Balance and Composure.

"The Summer" is a cresting wave of guitar noise, noodling, '90s guitar twinkle, and quiet/loud dynamics. "You said you'd stay, and you promised/ I finally see you out," Mat Kerekes sings. "Why'd you wait for the summer to chew and spit me out?/ I sit awake and wait impatiently/ The same mistakes are waiting to be made."

"We thought 'The Summer' was a good meeting of Mat's and my writing styles," guitarist Nick Hamm told us. "It ended up being one of my favorites on the record because of that. Mat's lyrics touch on the repercussions of losing someone you care about, which make it both a personal song, yet one anyone can relate to."

+ Listen to Citizen's "The Summer," and download "The Summer" here.

Photo credit: Run For Cover Records