Star Spotting: Only Beyonce Could Look This FEROSH In A Bathrobe! (PHOTO)

Beyoncé wanders backstage in her bathrobe and still looks flawless.

Only Beyoncé could make a bathrobe look like terry cloth couture.

Are y'all seeing this? Yep, it's Beyoncé in a plain white bathrobe! BUT the above photo is also Bey WERQUING A BATHROBE like it's one of her gazillion fashion statements. Think about every time you've put on one of those oversized puffy robe things. Did you look like "Goddess of the Spa" Bey? Probably not. If you're anything like us, then you probably looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in "Ghostbusters." But that's OK! Just chalk this moment up to another thing Beyoncé wins at in life.

The "Back To Black" singer shared the photo of her hanging out backstage on Instagram with the caption "Manchester y'all ready!" We love following every tiny aspect of Beyoncé's "Mrs. Carter World Tour" (especially when she unveils new songs), but can we also say that being on Beyoncé's road crew must be such an amazing gig? Especially when you get see THE BAWSE walking around in a laid-back robe? If we were employed by B, we'd be SO relieved that there were occasional causal Fridays as well as mandatory rhinestone nipple uniforms. WAIT... only Beyoncé gets to wear bedazzled sexiness to the office?! Oh, that's JUST. NOT. FAIR!

Photo credit: @beyonce

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