New Video: HAIM, 'Falling (Leonard Friend Remix)'

Watch HAIM's "Falling (Leonard Friend Remix)" video.

HAIM team up with Leonard Friend for a brand-new "Falling" remix (and video).

Los Angeles indie rock sister act HAIM seem kind of in love with everything retro, and frankly we're still reeling from their '90s R&B meets Fleetwood Mac single, "Falling." So it's probably a good idea that the 2013 mtvU Woodies performers would team up with R&B-pop singer-producer Alex Feder, aka Leonard Friend, to remix their highly addictive single, which comes newly packaged with auditory references to Zapp, Phil Collins, and TLC. (What, no Fleetwood?). Oh, AND there's a groovy (that's a purposeful adjective -- you'll see why in a second) new music video to match!

Watch HAIM's "Falling (Leonard Friend Remix)" video after the jump.

Friend, a synth-loving singer of such songs as "Holograms," "Middle Of The Night," and "The Year I Die," AND rearranger of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie," keeps HAIM's fundamental song melody, but slows it down to a synthy, electronic-tinged jive. As for its adjoining video, the entire clip is a can't-look-away montage of old-school dance scenes, including, but not limited to, Jean-Claude Van Damme In "Kickboxer," John Travolta in "The Experts," and Eddie Murphy in "Wonderworld." No other words will suffice -- HAIM's new clip is exactly as good as it sounds. Because why else do B-list film archives exist, if not to get mashed up in remix videos?

Get ready to "fall" again below.

+ Watch HAIM's "Falling (Leonard Friend) Remix" video, then check out HAIM's 2013 mtvU Woodies' Festival performance and interviews.

Photo credit: National Anthem/Polydor Records