New Song: Mac Miller, 'Watching Movies' (NSFW)

Listen to Mac Miller's "Watching Movies."

Something tells us Mac Miller's "Watching Movies" might be rated NC-17.

We don't want to sound weird, but we'd be into just about ANYTHING featuring a nude Mac Miller. (What?! We have a thing for vaguely emo rappers who know how to love!) Well, lucky for us, Mac's sophomore studio album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off (dropping June 18!), features exactly that.

And that's not all of today's good Mac Miller-related news: Along with Mac's nake-o album art comes a slightly less naked single: "Watching Movies."

Listen to Mac Miller's "Watching Movies" after the jump.

The follow-up to Watching Movies With The Sound Off's first single, "S.D.S.," "Watching Movies" is set to a smooth yet menacing beat, where Mac's spitting about his postmortem wishes: "Life is just a recital/ Better remember all that you practice/ When I die, throw a couple bad b****es in my casket." Um, talk about going to heaven! Anyway, we totally agree -- being surrounded by hot ladies is definitely not a bad way to go out. Although, at only 21 years old, we would hope that Mac gets to hang out with plenty of ALIVE "bad b****es" before his time is up. But we guess it never hurts to be prepared??

 + Listen to Mac Miller's "Watching Movies" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Rostrum Records