New Video: Mariah Carey Featuring Miguel, '#Beautiful'

Watch Mariah Carey and Miguel's "#Beautiful" video.

Miguel and Mariah Carey sing each other's praises in their "#Beautiful" video.

It's not like we didn't know Mariah Carey's arms were seriously toned (I mean, did you SEE her Cinderella wedding vow renewal dress??), but HOLY EFF, MiMi looks unreal in her "#Beautiful" video featuring soulful throwback R&B crooner Miguel! It's like the return of the "Fantasy"-era abs up in here, and we are NOT complaining.

Watch Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful" video featuring Miguel after the jump.

In the Joseph Kahn-directed video (and the lead single off Mariah's upcoming 2013 release), Mariah and Miguel play the perfect couple, with Mariah clinging to Miguel as they drive down a country road on his manly man motorcycle. As Mariah bumps and grinds all up on Mig's whip, the "Adorn" singer stares longingly (like, he's practically licking his lips). Aaand this is the moment where Miguel is all like, "This is the pinnacle of my career! I'm singing with Mariah Carey," while Mariah is all, "Thank GOD for that three-day veggie cleanse, because do you SEE how sick my abs look on the playback screen?!?"

As Miguel and Mariah continue to literally sing each other's praises, the couple settles into a barn that's draped in romantic chandeliers, and Miguel watches excitedly as Mariah does some more seductive dancing. Finally, he beckons for Mariah to hop in his new ride, a red Porsche (naturally), and the two presumably drive off into the sunset to live happily ever. Or to a 24-hour roadside motel. Either one.

Watch Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful" video featuring Miguel.

Photo credit: Island Def Jam