Ke$ha Morphed Into Riffraff AND Estelle Getty On The Set Of Her 'Crazy Kids' Video (PHOTO)

Ke$ha's turning into Riff Raff and Estelle Getty!

A little bit of Riffraff, a little bit of Estelle -- and Ke$ha's golden (girl)!

We're no stranger to Ke$ha's, ahem, IMPRESSIVE fashion sense. We've seen our glitter goddess look like everything from a goth hippie flower child at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards to Uncle Sam glam, to, well, looking kind of normal. We've also seen her befriend the furry community AND the Illuminati, and we've heard all about her penis dreams in her new MTV docu-series, "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life." Basically, Ke$ha will never not surprise us. Until this morning, that is, when we woke up to some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of her new "Crazy Kids" video, and, oh man... where to start? Ke$ha, is that you? Or did you just shape-shift into a Riff Raff/Estelle Getty alien hybrid?

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Don't believe us? Think we're hallucinating from too much glitter inhalation? Come ON. Just look at that sartorial brilliance! Ke$ha's cornrows absolutely put Riff Raff AND James Franco's to shame (mainly because she has more hair to cornrow). We're also in total awe of Ke$ha's giant gold/ghetto glasses, which definitely falls somewhere between the late, great "Golden Girl" Estelle Getty... AND the forever ageless bespectacled fashion icon Iris Apfel.

Posting pics from her "Crazy Kids" video shoot to Twitter, Ke$ha captioned, "did u guys guess it???? #crazykids #behindthescenes." And if you'll permit us to go slightly off topic for a sec, we think Ke$ha might also be emulating Rihanna's unbuttoned shirt look -- cause, um, we can kind of see your bra, lady. (Like how she buttoned the top button, and that's it?) Oh, Ke$ha, please God, never change.

Photo credit: Getty Images/PCN