Video Premiere: Tommy & The High Pilots, 'Outta My Head'

Watch Tommy & The High Pilots' "Outta My Head" video.

Tommy & The High Pilots do the "I Like Someone!" dance in their new "Outta My Head" video.

You know that feeling when you meet somebody special and you don't have to do that whole first-date "So, what do you do?" routine? Like, when everything flows so effortlessly that suddenly over the course of two weeks you realize that you haven't ONCE worried about whether or not they'd text back? Because you knew that they just WOULD? Well, Santa Barbara's power-pop collective Tommy & The High Pilots should know what we're talking about in their colorful new "Outta My Head" video (the latest single off of their upcoming disc, Only Human), which essentially illustrates the universal, euphoric "THEY LIKE ME BACK!!" dance.

Watch Tommy & The High Pilots' "Outta My Head" video after the jump.

Directed by Matt Odom, "Outta My Head" features Tommy & Co. jumping, twerking, pantomiming, and at times robot-dancing with a crew of highly attractive and stylish friends (We're in L.A., right, Tommy? Right?). Before it has a chance to morph into a full-on retro Gap commercial with its all-white background, "Outta My Head" stays firmly in mid-20s apartment-dance party mode -- a great setting (and demographic) for the band's celebratory indie-pop anthem: "Known you forever, but not like this/ you're reaching out to me, there's no boundaries/ losing myself in you," Tommy sing-dances. Aaaaand that would be the sound of NOT overanalyzing.

Be on the lookout for Tommy & The High Pilots' new full-length disc, Only Human, when it drops on May 28.

+ Watch Tommy & The High Pilots' "Outta My Head" video.

Photo credit: Redbird Records