Star Spotting: Jared Leto Is Staring At Us, And We Would Like Him To Keep Staring (PHOTO)

Jared Leto staring at us is the best thing to happen all week.

Look deep into Jared Leto's beautifully symmetrical eyes...

Getting stared at by some random creepster while waiting in line at Starbucks is usually weird as EFF, but when Jared Leto stares at us, it's totally legit! So don't EVEN try to fight the above photo. Just let the Thirty Seconds To Mars singer's eyeballs look straight into your soul. Oh, that warm tingling feeling is completely normal -- it's what we feel EVERY SINGLE TIME we see a photo (especially shirtless ones) of Jared. We're just REALLY glad Jared has his eyebrows back, because an eyebrow-less Jared would make this staring contest SO much weirder (because, you know, it wasn't weird enough already).

The "Up In The Air" singer shared his photo on Instagram along with the caption "Boo." Wait... is this picture supposed to scare us? We'll readily admit that Jared chasing down a GIGANTIC spider scares us. We can also confidently say that Jared getting a severed ear in the mail TERRIFIES US. But this selfie of the rock star giving us an effortless "I'm staring so deep into your life force, can you feel it?" look does not freak us out one bit. OK, maybe one little thing makes us uncomfortable: WHY DOES JARED NEVER AGE!? Is he using the power of his stare to suck the youth out of us?! Meh, with those eyes, we'd be sort of completely OK with that.

Photo credit: @jaredleto