New Video: Avril Lavigne, 'Here's To Never Growing Up'

Watch Avril Lavigne's "Here's To Never Growing Up" video.

Avril Lavigne explores that Peter Pan complex in her "Here's To Never Growing Up" video.

At this point, we've already established that Avril Lavigne's "I don't wanna grow up; I'm a Toy R Us kid" Peter Pan complex is here to stay. And honestly, why should Avril ever grow up? Her life has been BOMB so far (helped in large part by her skating rink-size engagement ring). That in mind, Avril's commitment to youth is CRYSTAL clear in her shouty, perfectly polished pop anthem "Here's To Never Growing Up," and its accompanying senior prom-themed video.

Watch Avril Lavigne's "Here's To Never Growing Up" video after the jump.

In the Robert Hales-directed clip, Avril and her bandmates perform at a run-of-the-mill high school prom (i.e. there's no "spike" in that punch, but there IS champagne -- which had better be alcohol-free, if we're dealing with an under-21 crowd). Once Avril and her band take the stage, the once-boring prom morphs into a rager that eventually spills out into classrooms, hallways, and basically every other empty space in the high school. We'd also be remiss if we didn't point out Avril's sartorial return to her iconic "Complicated" short pants/tank top/wrist cuffs/tie days, which totally reinforces the "not growing up" theme. Now, if Avril really WAS still 17 or so, she probably wouldn't be doing grown-up things like marrying Nickelback's Chad Kroeger (we hope), so adulthood can't be ALL that bad.

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